The Integrated Path
Caryn L. Young DOM, AP, OT


For several years I have been bothered by pains in my feet which prevented me from walking comfortably. I first sought out Dr. Young because I wanted to be treated as a whole person not as a particular body part. Her integrated approach of working with all levels of energy helped me to clear energetic baggage, to grow in my own awareness and my feet don't hurt anymore. 

Helen C. Sarasota, FL


For 12 years I suffered from abdominal pain and underwent 4 surgeries including a total hysterectomy. The pain continued and another surgery was required. Instead I contacted Dr. Young. Together we were able to release the physical and emotional pain I had buried deep inside my abdomen. I am happy to say I now longer experience pain and didn't required the surgery. If I do have momentary pain I use it as a barometer, a guide to look at what is happening in my life and address it in the present.

Sharon M Bradenton, FL


I am thankful for having had this experience and will always be grateful to Caryn for shining a light in the darkness. It allowed me to discover a secret: though life can be painful, there is light and peace beyond the pain.

Bill M Altadena, CA


I'll never forget the day my OB-GYN told me our baby was breech and scheduled a C-section. While I was very much into modern medicine I knew Dr. Young could help us out and a certain peace came over me. Through energetic medicine and my husband and I talking to the baby, we could feel her move. The next day the ultrasound revealed the baby was in proper position again. Four days later we had a normal vaginal delivery of a beautiful baby girl.

Daniella W. Nokomis, FL